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Are you fun, outgoing, sociable and want to get paid to meet awesome new people? Become a BOB rep!
We are hiring for rep positions in all of our cities across the country. Looking for a way to make some extra cash while having fun? Then this is the position for you. Job responsibilities include:
You will be the go-to person for any questions/issues from players or from the bowling alley. You are our man/woman on the ground who is in charge of
  • Communicating between alley staff and Better Off Bowling
  • Ensuring everything gets rolling on time
  • Checking that all teams are bowling on the right lanes
  • T-Shirt distribution to teams during Week 1 of bowling
Once bowling has started you can relax and enjoy the fun!
  • Get to know all the teams in the league
  • Hand out trivia
  • Grab some fun photos
  • Help latecomers find their teams/lanes (There’s always one!)
  • Collect and score trivia sheets - announcing the winner at the end of the time slot
Start party
Get The Party Started!
As soon as bowling is finished, it’s time to get the party started!
  • Set up some bar games (Flip Cup, Giant Jenga, Beer Pong, etc.)
  • Grab a pitcher of beer, grab some bowlers, and get some games going!
  • Sometimes people are shy and slow to get involved. This is fine, but its up to you to try and get everyone involved and having fun!
1 Being a BOB rep is pretty much the best job ever – You get to meet awesome new people every season, hand out trivia, write cheesy bowling newsletters for a captive audience, and get paid to have fun with your new friends every week. Basically, if fun is your thing and you’ve got the time to spare, being a BOB rep would be right up your alley.
Danielle, Minneapolis
2 My favorite part of repping was running the trivia contests! We had some teams that were more competitive about trivia than bowling which made it super fun. It was an easy way to get to know everyone in the league since you had all the answers and everyone pretty much thought you were a genius.
Vee, Chicago
3 New teams are always my favorite and I really like getting them pumped for the league on week 1! Its pretty cool when a new team becomes a regular cause, you get to see them every season, and it really starts to feel like a community.
Stephen, NYC
4 When you’re repping you kind of feel like a league celebrity. You’ve got a shirt that says “President” on the back, you write the newsletters to the league every week, and can give out the league awards. Its pretty cool being the person everyone knows and working with all the teams!
Christa, NYC
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